COTS Family Prayer List

These folks have at least three individuals from our church family interceding for them daily until we get breakthrough or direction otherwise from the Lord. If you'd like to commit to praying for these folks you can add your name to the list by clicking here and filling out the form.

  • Joan Hemsley

    Praying for the restoration of Joan's hearing and memory.

  • Nancy Chiles

    For restored general health and energy.

  • Richard and Phyllis Engberg

    Praying for the restoration of Richard's health, especially lungs and breathing. Strength and peace for Phyllis as she cares for Richard.

  • COTS Sons and Daughters

    Praying for the children of COTS, especially those that are struggling and / or don't know the Lord.

  • Keith Engberg

    Praying for healing for Keith's back.

  • John Doherty

    John lives with constant severe back pain, we're praying for healing in his back and complete loss of pain.

  • Jim Byrne (Father of Margie Doherty)

    Jim has been struggling with Louie Body Dementia, we're praying for complete deliverence and full restoration of his memory and mental function.

  • Sherri and Abby Steel

    This is a personal matter, we will share details with those committing to pray for Sherri and Abby.

  • Unsaved Husbands

    We have ladies in our church family whose husbands are unsaved, we're praying that the blinders of the enemy are removed and these men come to be born again.

  • Hairy Coy

    Hairy also has a bad back, we're praying for a complete healing and all pain and discomfort to go.

  • Antonio Miambo and Family (Pastor Salito)

    Antonio and Sandra Miambo are missionaries in Kenya that COTS supports. The Miambo's have asked for the following prayers: 1) Renewal of their Kenyan work permit. 2) Son David needs surgery on both legs. 3) Son Emmanuel, needs surgery for one leg. 4) Revival in their area, people to be saved and delivered from the darkness of their area. 5) God's will over their lives and His presence to guide them. 6) Unity for the nation of Kenya. 7) Christian servants to join their work in Kenya. 8) Financial support, especially for the boys surgeries. 

  • Dr. Anthony Yeboah

    Dr. Yeboah leads Free International Missions a ministry with many works in Africa. Dr. Yeboah is building schools and orphanages, he's also planted and oversees many churches and their pastors in Africa. Click here to see more about Free International Missions.

  • Corrine (Baker) MacKenzie

    Corrine is currently incarcerated, we're praying for her sentence to be commuted, for her well being until she is released and that the strength, courage and peace of the Lord will all be hers in abundance.

  • Pat BrAdy

    Healing for both knees.

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