How to join our service online

To join our service online from your phone, tablet or computer see the instructions below. We are using Facebook Live Stream to broadcast our service.

  • First, you will need a Facebook account, you can get an account at:
  • If you're joining us from a computer open a tab on your browser (Chrome, Safari, etc.), You can join our service from here. Click here.
  • From your device; phone or tablet:
  • Download the app from your app store if not already on your device.
  • Open the Facebook app
  • Search for Church on the Street
  • We're the one with the green street sign that says "Church on the Street"
  • From the app our service will either be in the feed (scroll down a bit) or you may need to click on the "live" button to view.
  • We'll be live starting at 9:15, if you're having trouble TEXT the church at (248) 382-8344 and we'll get back to you.