Our Vision

The vision for Church on the Street is based in the belief that as the church, both individually and collectively we are to be the incarnate love of Jesus everywhere we go. Christianity (Church) is not a Sunday activity but an always, everyday way of life. Getting church (us) out of the building and into the world to express the love and character of Jesus to all.

As the church we are to demonstrate and advance the kingdom of heaven on earth. We are called to heal the sick, raise the dead, cleanse the lepers and cast out demons. To make disciples of all nations, baptizing them in the name of the Father and the Son and the Holy Spirit, teaching them to observe all that Jesus commanded.

Through the empowering of the Holy Spirit, encouragement and discipleship we will see lives changed, ever increasing spiritual fruit and people being transformed into the likeness of Christ. They will know we are His disciples by our love one for another.

Our core values, that which will drive our culture and personality as a church community are :

Love : Love is a tangible cultural characteristic of Church on the Street. Expressed in the ever growing revelation of the Father's love for us and demonstrated by our love for the Lord our God and our neighbors. We constantly teach, stress and reinforce the truth of the perfect love of the perfect Father for His children, having our identities firmly established in this revelation.

Discipleship : Church on the Street people will be challenged to grow in the Lord by giving and receiving discipleship. Effective discipleship and growth in the Lord will be reflected in changed lives, increasing Spiritual fruit and lives and personalities being a more perfect reflection of our Lord Jesus Christ.

Intimacy : Outside of an intimate relationship with our creator we are like a ship in a windy sea with no rudder in the water. Relationship flows from intimacy. Revelation flows from intimacy. Healing flows from intimacy . Power flows from intimacy Truth flows from intimacy. Fruitfulness flows from intimacy. Intimacy requires investment. Intimacy is found in - prayer, worship, God's word and Christian Fellowship. Intimacy matters, we will be intimate with the Lord.

Service : (see Matthew 25:34-40) Food for the hungry, visiting and praying for the sick and those in prison, helping people in need; cutting grass, shoveling snow, ... Living for the divine appointment, the opportunity to be Jesus for the one in need, demonstrating the love of Christ in a tangible way. The heart and hands of the Lord in our communities, work places and homes.

Evangelism : We are ambassadors for Christ, called to the ministry of reconciliation, that all would be reconciled to the Father - through the Son, by way of the love and service of the church. Our model for evangelism is deed centric, not just by way of words. The kindness of God leads people to repentance, as we demonstrate the love and kindness of the Lord we believe people will come to repentance and salvation.

Power : The power of God to do miracles, signs and wonders is necessary and for now. We seek and expect to see God's power moving in our meetings and with us on the street. The power of God moving through His people is normal Christianity and necessary for us to fulfill the great commission.